Samsung Fold My Phone


Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 aimed to disrupt its main competitor during its launch, recognising that merely targeting ads at their dedicated users wouldn't suffice. These users, avid fans who perceive their phones as superior, were likely to overlook our ads.

Thought process

We had to flex our thinking to highlight the extraordinary folding feature of the Galaxy Z Flip4. To bring the idea to life, we had to shift away from conventional advertising. Our innovative approach was to tap into TikTok's love for genuine content to introduce our ‘Fold My Phone Challenge’ in Dubai.


Capitalising on TikTok's affinity for genuine content, we collaborated with Islam Afro, a renowned creator to initiate the ‘Fold My Phone Challenge’, spotlighting the Galaxy Z Flip4's unique folding feature that competitors couldn't match.  This engaging content, free from explicit product mentions, garnered organic views. Harnessing this attention, we strategically retargeted viewers with ads, resulting in increased page visits and heightened purchase intent.